Call VAT Number Registration TOLL-FREE 0800 007 269 TOLL-FREE 0800 007 269 (Free From SA Cellphones – Call Now)
Call VAT number TOLL-FREE 0800 007 269 TOLL-FREE 0800 007 269 (From SA Cellphones)

Apply To Register For VAT

Do you need to Register for VAT? You can be located anywhere in South Africa and follow our Easy Online VAT Registration Process. We will go to a SARS Branch on your behalf and get your VAT Number within 3-5 Days @ only R2290.

Apply below or call us Toll-Free from your Cellphone: 0800 007 269


Requirements for VAT Registration @ SARS.

  1. Company in SA with a Business Bank Account. We can assist.
  2. Invoices or Purchase Orders to prove that you are trading. We can assist.

Urgent VAT Number Option.

If you need a VAT Number ASAP and you do not have a Company yet, you can apply for our Shelf Company with VAT Number. The cost is R 11 900 and timeframe 5 working days. LIMITED STOCK: All Shelf Companies are sold on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.

Our in-house Tax Practitioners (Jack and Lettie Liebenberg) manages this VAT Registration process and are affiliated with:

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Advantages to be VAT Registered:

1. Quoting / Invoicing. Many large Companies require that your Business must have a Vat Number on your Quotes or Invoices being sent to them.
2. Tenders and Contracts. To apply for Tenders and Contracts, you need a Vat number.
3. Listing as a Service Provider. To be listed as a Supplier or Service Provider.

Value-Added Tax is commonly known as “VAT”. It should not be confused with “Income Tax”. VAT is an indirect taxation on the value added to goods and services by Suppliers and Vendors in the economy. South African Companies that are VAT registered must charge an additional 15% on the prices of their products and services. Most expenses will then be VAT deductible, such as rent, telephone, consumables, advertising and stock (depending if VAT was paid on these expenses). The difference will then be paid over to SARS, or claimed back from SARS. To start the process, apply on this page below or call our toll free number for free consultation.